Gabe’s first day of Pre-School…

My little bubba boy experienced his first day of preschool today! I had done some prep work with him and told him that I was going to take him to his classroom and leave him with his teacher and that he would get to play with kids and stuff and that I would come pick him up in a couple of hours. He was unsure about all this up until this morning. Here I was thinking that he might have a little bit of a problem leaving his mommy behind and going into the unknown alone when it turns out that there was no need for me to fret at all! He walked right into his classroom and told Miss Patti “my mommy is going to come back for me in a couple of hours.” I then turned away and walked out of site of the classroom in case he poked his head out to see if  I was still there. I then didn’t know what to do! Do I stay? Do I go? I had myself a little panic attack because I wanted to look in and make sure he really was ok,but I knew if I did and he saw me and then got upset because of it, which would have been of my own doing, then I would have felt horrible! So I took some deep breaths and put one foot in front of the other and left the building. My son was fine. Me not so much. Haha!

Anyway, he had a great time but all I have gotten out of him about his morning is that he made a really big jump on the playground. What he jumped off of I still have not discovered.

Here is a pic of Gabe standing outside the preschool waiting for the doors to open.


A mobile Jenny equals trouble for Gabriel…


Little Jenny finally decided that she was tired of staying in one place and that there were too many things that she could not get to by staying put. Yes, she has become mobile. She sees something she wants and she gets there by pushing with her right foot and sliding on her tummy. Her first objective? Brown Bear, Gabriel’s teddy bear and best friend that he sleeps with every night. She got him. Gabe saw this and took Brown Bear back. Jenny’s next objective? The Hulk, Gabriel’s little stuffed Hulk doll that he also sleeps with every night. Gabe saw this and took the Hulk as well. He “saved” them from Jenny. Poor little guy has no idea what is in store. She is such a grabby baby! She has to get her hands (and mouth) on everything!

Oh and both Brown Bear and the Hulk were a few feet away from Jenny before she started pushing towards them. She knew exactly where she wanted to go though.

on a side note…you never want to hear the words “mommy, I drew on your bed” come out of your child’s mouth. My bed spread now sports blue, black, and green squiggles.

Gabriel aka Big Rabbit

Sooo…I was tucking Gabriel in bed tonight and he was messing with my hair. Then, all of a sudden, he says “mommy! You could be my pet!” I looked and him and asked him to repeat himself so I could make sure I had heard him right and he said again, “you could be my pet!” I asked him, “what kind of pet?” He says, “a kitten!”  I say ok and then he said that Daddy could be a big doggie, Grammy a rabbit, and Papa a really big doggie. He then asked me what “Gabriel” should be and I asked “what do you want to be?” He says,  “a really big rabbit!”  Anyway, this all made me smile a lot and I tried to keep him going! I tried to get him to tell me what he thought Grandma and Grandpa should be but he then asked if he could go to sleep and I obviously wasn’t going to argue with that. Hopefully, I will be able to get him to tell me tomorrow what everyone else should be “pet” wise.

Picture attempt…

If anyone wonders why I never put up pictures of my two kids sitting next to each other is because this is what I get if I try…

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Oh well…maybe someday I will succeed!

Gabriel aka Batman…

Jenny and Gabriel are both sound asleep. Gabriel had a great time at his Grandma and Grandpa’s house as he always does. He loves telling me stories about riding in Grandpa’s Batmobile and his red car seat! The Batman theme seems to be sticking. When Gabriel was a year old, his favorite character was Elmo. At age 2, his favorites were the characters from the movie Cars (which is still a favorite!) Age 3, Thomas the Tank Engine came into play and is still going strong, however, Batman is taking over quickly now! Its just awesome to watch him grow. He LOVES the Super Friends as well.

If you are ever around Gabe when he is in his Batman world, he will tell you that he is not Gabriel but that he is Batman. He will explain to you that Daddy is Robin, Mommy is Cat Woman, and his little sister, Jenny, is Bat Girl.

When I tucked Gabriel in bed last night after his adventure he said “mommy? Can I move my Thomas sheets and my Lightning McQueen covers and my Thomas pillow and Brown Bear and the Hulk and Little Foot and Bunny Bear and Rudolph up top? Can that be my bed?” I told him he had to become very skilled at going up and down the side of the bunk bed and then, instead of making it his bed, he could make it into his “special place. Luckly, this “special’ place will travel with us wherever we may go.

Today, he went up and down his bunk bed no less than 13 times and didn’t fall once.

Adventurous little boy…


Sooo I am changing Jenny’s diaper in her room and Jeff is in the living room when we hear our almost 4 year old, Gabriel, yell “HELP” from his room. Now, him, unfortunitaly, yelling for help is not uncommon. It is usually to do with superheros or something that he just doesn’t feel like doing such as putting his clothes on. This particular “help” had a hint of panic in it so, as I was changing a diaper, I yelled for Jeff, but he was already on his way. Turns out that our little monkey of a son finally figured out how to climb onto the top bunk of his bunk bed. Problem was that he didn’t know how to get down. He had just gotten a bath and he had gone into his room to put his pajamas on only he had decided, instead, that it would be an adventure to try and climb up the big mountain to rescue Mickey Mouse. He in turn needed saving because he had never been up there without us putting him up there (which we hadn’t done for a year 0r so) let alone him getting down by himself! We showed him where to put his feet and where to hold onto and I stood close by so that I could catch him if he fell. He did very well but wanted to try again so I made him put his clothes on (yes, he was naked because you know rescuing Mickey was more important than getting dressed for bed) before he went up again. He climbed up and then back down all by himself! Such a big boy. He was very proud of himself.

Oh and he had a shot today and he did marvelous!