My little bubba…

Gabriel did awesome going into his second day at preschool! He did the same thing as the first time. He went right in and told his teacher that his mommy would be coming back to pick him up in a couple of hours. He then said bye to me and Jenny and I left the building. While Gabe was in preschool, Jenny and I dropped by and saw Grandpa Jones! He doesn’t get to see baby Jenny very often because of scheduling issues so I decided it would be a fun treat for both of them! They had a great time together! She gave him lots of smiles! I would post a picture that I took but I have misplaced my camera. Either that or a little person has hidden it from me!

Jenny and I picked Gabe up and we came home and made chicken and french fries in the oven. Grammy came over and played for a little bit. After she left I layed down with Jenny so she could take a little nap. She fell asleep and I was about to get up but then my little bubba, Gabriel decided he wanted to take a nap too! He climbed into bed next to Jenny and went to sleep! Of course I wasn’t going to pass up on a nap with my two kids so we all slept about and hour and a half! (its not normal for Gabe to take a nap. He actually has allergies attacking him and he had a fun and busy morning at preschool so he was pretty tired. That and i had given him some benedryal!)

Anyway, Grammy took this pic of Gabe and I up on his top bunk!  He loves it up there!


2 thoughts on “My little bubba…

  1. robynrcooper says:

    He showed me how to get up there and then coached me as I was climbing up. After I got on the bed he said, “Great job Grammy! See, that wasn’t so hard!” I love that little guy!

  2. robynrcooper says:

    What a great picture! It was so nice for you to take Jenny by to see Grandpa Jones. That was a very thoughtful gesture. I know he really enjoyed you both!!
    I’m also glad that you and your Mom could make it up on the upper bunk!
    Love and Hugs, Neenee

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