long time no blog…

My bad. Time has gotten away from me and I just saw that I hadn’t updated my blog in a while! So here is a short update ( short  because I have to get the kids into the bathtub!)

It seems like this household has been sick every week with something or other since early Dec! I came home on Thurs from school and must have brought something home with me cause I woke up sick on Friday morning. I was sooo dizzy, weak, and NAUSEOUS!!! My parents thought I was being overly dramatic! I ended up throwing up Friday night and was nauseous all Saturday. I was so mad at my daddy for thinking I was wimpy that I decided to give it to him! He was even more dramatic because he ended up laying in bed for two days. Now that’s a wimp.

Unfortunately, the bug decided to go to Gabriel. Around 12:30 am, Monday morning, Gabe threw up all over his bed. I don’t think he had any warning about it either. I think he might have even done it in his sleep. Poor little bubba. I had him lay down in the bathroom and I took Jenny to my mom. (mom was a trooper) Mom watched over Gabe and held Jenny while I got the mattress pad, sheets and pillow off the bed and remade the bed with fresh sheets and blankets. ( I also learned to put towels under him and over his pillow so if he threw up in bed again then I wouldn’t have to change EVERYTHING!) After that was all done and the laundry was going, Mom took Jenny upstairs to go back to bed and I took care of Gabriel. (he had already thrown up 3 more times in the time that it took to do all of the above) It’s always fun bonding time when you are holding the trashcan while your child heaves into it. (7 more times to be exact) Finally, around 6 am, he stopped throwing up and was able to get some rest. I got up at 8. He stayed in bed till mid morning and then moved to his beanbag chair where he stayed for many hours. He seemed to get much better as the day came to a close. Thankfully, he slept through the night last night. Of course I didn’t send him to preschool or kids life today cause I didn’t him to infect anybody and because he wasn’t 100% better anyway. Now have realized that I have been rambling along and I am going to stop now. Have a pleasant night.


Baby dolls…

I find it fascinating that Jenny already loves and cares for her baby dolls. She will pick it up, hug and kiss it and just be loving towards it. That is, of course, until she sees that you have a plate or bowl of food next to you and then its good-bye baby doll and hello food! Anyway, she is really sweet to watch when she is loving her baby doll.

Snow day fun…

Since it was too cold and windy to go out and play in the snow yesterday, we decided to bring the snow into us! I had convienently bought some sandcastle molds the day before not knowing that the next day I would be using them to make “snowcastles.” 

Here are a few pictures of our snow fun in the kitchen…

(captions are below the corresponding picture)


 Gabriel watched as I packed the snow in while Jenny decided she liked the taste of the snow.



 Fun snow seashell


 Ice Castle


 Jenny destoyed and ate the Ice Castle


 Gabriel shoveled snow into a little bucket

We had lots of fun and made a bit of a mess but it was worth it!

Now later on that evening, Papa decided to make a mess of his own…

Silly Papa

Lean cuisines…

A couple of days ago, I was hungry but there was a limited amount of food in the house. I happened upon some lean cuisines and decided to try one. Let me just say “wow.” I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were fabulous! I love the Baked Chicken! I am eating it as I type! Don’t get me wrong…I am not on a diet or anything. I just like the taste of them! Jenny loves them too!! She is helping me eat the potatoes and sauce. Just thought I would share.