Thirty years ago…

Thirty years ago, on July 29, 1981, my mom was one of the hundreds of millions of viewers who set their alarm clocks for 3 a.m. in order to get up and watch Lady Diana Spencer walk down the isle of St. Paul’s Cathedral and marry H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

My mom was VERY pregnant with her first child, me. I was born less than two weeks later.

Now, thirty years later, on April 29, 2011, my mom will once again be up around 3 a.m. to watch a commoner, Kate Middleton marry Diana’s eldest son, Prince William.

This time, however, she will not be alone. This time, she will be watching the royal wedding with her almost 30 year old daugther, me, and perhaps, her 14 month old granddaugher, Jenny.

Yes, I am a royal fan. I buy the magazines and watch the news reports that feature Kate Middleton and Prince William. Can’t help it. I was introduced to it while still in my mommy’s tummy and I love it!



A lot of rocks…

In the effort to get ready to move, we have to get all the garden decor and rocks that we wish to take with us out of the yard. Today, I took it upon myself to get a section of the yard done while my kids were out enjoying the sunshine. Here is a picture of all the stuff I removed from ONE CORNER of the yard.

 All of the stuff on and in the front of the deck I removed including 4 different standupythings (they are all bunched together so it is hard to distinguish how many there really are. Just so you know, those rocks in front of the deck are HEAVY.

A fun day outside (a.k.a. my polar opposites)…

Last Wednesday, it was a gorgeous day outside and my kids went out into the backyard to play. Gabriel was sooo excited to be able to run around and “get the bad guys.” Jenny was equally excited because, now that she is walking, she can go ever so many more places and explore them! She loved to sit in the mulch and pick up little sticks.

Gabriel getting the bad guys with sticks

Jenny playing in the mulch

Gabriel loving on Pokey kitty

And both playing together

You know what is amazing to me…?  Both kids are wonderful but they are pretty much polar opposites. For example, Gabriel dislikes the wind because he is afraid that his stuff will blow away. (I dislike the wind myself) He doesn’t mind a gentle breeze, he thinks those are nice, but anything more than 10 miles an hour and he says “don’t let my stuff blow away!”

Jenny, on the other hand, LOVES the wind. We had a window open the other day and she stood in front of it for about 5 minutes just letting the wind blow in her face. Every time a gust hit her she would smile very big. She loves the hair drier as well. If my mother or myself turn on the dryer she stop what she is doing, whatever and wherever she may be, and come into the bathroom so we can blow the air into her face (hair dryer set on cool).

Gabriel is a picky eater and only eats when he is good and ready (makes for a battle field at the dinner table). Jenny will eat anything in sight and at all hours of the day (She has no stop button. She will eat until she throws up if you do not stop her.)

The thing I was most not prepared for…Jenny’s temper.

My first child, my precious Gabriel, is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet. He is compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive. He is very much all boy but he has a sweet nature.

My second child, my precious Jenny, is very sweet as well but really only when she wants to be and that is usually when you have something she wants. Her temper is quick to anger and long-lasting in its duration. For instance, if you take a toy away from her, she will give you a very evil look and then make an ugly noise that I am having trouble coming up with a description for. The protest can be long or short, depending upon what you took from her. Then, she kind of rejects you for however long she feels you need to be punished for hurting her feelings. She is only one year old. How can she know how to do this already?

Anyway, I hope everyone has a pleasant spring day. I am sure that my kids will be outside again today and that I will be taking many pictures of them.

Epcot 2002…

There are a couple of comments on my previous post that I wish to prove with pictures. While Tris and I were in Florida, President George W. Bush declared war on terrorism. The day after the announcement, Tristyn and I went to Epcot Center and found that we had it all to ourselves. People had been afraid to go to tourist attractions for fear of another attack. However, being that we were going to leave in a few days, we had decided to go ahead and go (much to the distress of our mother back here in Kansas). SOOO glad we did though! Anyway, here are a few pictures of us at Epcot and you will notice that there are hardly any people walking around.  


Taryn (Me)

Tristyn (notice the lack of people)

Taryn (Me and again, notice the lack of people.)

 Can’t wait to take my kids to Disney World!!!


Someday, after I have completed school, gotten a job, and able to save money again, I will purchase a mobile home for the kids and myself to live in. It will be placed on the 40 acres located on the other side of the Pond House driveway.

This will be the view outside the front door…


This will be the view from the back of the house…

(we will clear a little bit of the land, about an acre, so that my kids will have an actual fenced in backyard)


Gabriel’s future pet…

On the way to the place were we are moving to (the Pond House), there is a house that we pass that has chickens and added more recently, two little pygmy goats. One is white and one is black. Upon seeing these cute little goats, Gabriel decided that he needed a black one. So, being that pygmy goats require a companion, at some point, I will be getting two pygmy goats, one for Gabriel and one for Jenny.