Time at the Pond House…

The kids and I went out to the Pond House this last Monday and spent the night. We had a great time! Gabriel got to practice his scooter skills and he did fantastic!

Jenny was content to pick up rocks.

Jenny and I got up around 7 in the morning and there was a fog hanging over the pond. I took a picture for my mother to use on her blog. I hope she likes it cause it was quite an ordeal that Jenny and I went through to get the picture! Jenny was wrapped in a blanket, I was in a robe but barefoot and it was 36 degrees out. (Jenny loves to feel the cold air on her face so she was giggling the whole time. My feet, on the other hand, went numb.) I got several good pictures though so it was worth it.

In midmorning, I took Gabriel to the sandbar located on the far side of the property. I will say that I have only just become aware of this massive sandbar in the last 6 months even though I have been going to the Pond House for about 20 years. Only reason I discovered it was because I was looking at the satellite image of the property! I shall now be frequenting it often!

Gabriel and I built sand castles! We had a great time!

We built one for our turtle friend and her baby.

I love this little dump truck! He did a lot of hard work!

The three of us got in the hot tub a couple of times and on Monday night, I bathed my kids in the very same bath tub that I used to take baths in 20 years ago. That was awesome!


One thought on “Time at the Pond House…

  1. robynrcooper says:

    Looks like you created some wonderful memories! And one of the pictures is my new blog header…..thanks! I love you!

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