Tang in his element…

When we moved in with my parents, our large, orange, long-haired, tabby cat, Tang came with us. He was a little freaked out at first. He didn’t come out from under my bed for 3 days except once to pee on Gabriel’s bed cause he could no longer hold it anymore.

It took him about a month before he got the nerve to venture upstairs and he would only do so at night when the two dogs were locked in their cages and the two other cats were resting in between playtimes.

Then, one morning, he just kinda showed up next to me in the upstairs living room and from there it only took a few more weeks before he ruled the house.

Now, there was one thing i was afraid of and that was for Tang to discover the doggie door to the backyard. The other two cats would always go in and out, all day long as long as the weather was nice. However, they tend to stay in during the cold winter months and this winter was no exception. Tang had been strictly an indoor cat up to this point but I knew that he loved the outdoors because, when living in our old house, it was always a challenge to make sure he didn’t go outside. He is a very quick and sneaky cat and would hide until you opened the back door or the garage door and would then race past you to get out into the yard or garage.

In light of all this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and, because I couldn’t avoid the inevitable, took Tang out onto the back deck and let him do a little exploring.

And that was all I had to do. Tang started using the doggie door all the time, mostly in the evening at first, but is now out there at all hours of the day, exploring, basking in the sunlight, surveying his territory, and just plain loving his new-found freedom.

 The tiger has actually started climbing the fence in order to get a better view of his surroundings. 

This picture is currently the picture on my computer desktop.

In this picture, Tang is watching what is going on below him…

Pokey and Lilly were lurking around in the dirt.

Pokey love!

Lilly put!

All three of my precious kitties!

Tang in his element…


The morning of the Royal Wedding…

I find it quite amusing that my record amount of views in one day on my blog was surpassed on April 29th because people were searching for Kate and William, William and Kate, and other similar variations and since I had a post concerning them then naturally people started to take a gander at my blog. My record amount was 89 views on Aug. 9, 2010 but now April 29, 2011 holds the crown for the 101 views it received. (It might happen again just because this post is about the morning of the Royal Wedding…)

Anyway, here is the account of our time watching the Royal Wedding, which, by the way, was everything I could have hoped for! 

I set my alarm for 3:00 am. When it went off, for a few seconds, I couldn’t remember why I had set it that early! Then, I remembered! I smiled really big and quickly, quietly, and gently, moved Jenny from my bed back into her crib. I, then, went into the other room and started making my coffee! (I ended up drinking 3 mugs worth vs the one mug I drink on a daily basis…) While my coffee was brewing, I went upstairs and got my special Kate and William coffee cup and put on the crown I made for the occasion! Next, I set the crown I made for Daddy on top of his coffee maker and put a 30-year-old Charles and Diana coffee cup next to the coffee pot so that he would know to use it!

I went downstairs and settled in. I took a few pictures of myself with my crown and coffee cup! (Yes, I know I am nuts). I watched all the guests arrive and then the royal family.

Lilly decided to watch the guests arrive as well!

At 4:05 am, I heard my dad walking about upstairs and heard him start his coffee. I grabbed my camera cause I knew he going to look fantastic when he came down the stairs and he didn’t disappoint!!!

Ok so this picture is all funky cause I tried to crop it and it didn’t work out so well, hence the extra spacing. I do want to draw your attention to the collection of Diana and Charles memorabilia behind Daddy. I come by my love of  Royal Weddings honestly!

Again, please forgive the odd look of this photo. It’s the last one like this, I promise! A picture similar to this one was put up on the screen at church right before he did the sermon! Heehee!


I loved this picture of her that I managed to take with my camera…yes I was taking pictures of the tv…I took over 150 photos of the television! I got to watch it all in high-definition! (though I don’t think I was on high-definition when I took this particular photo…at this point I was flipping channels a lot because I was trying to find a station that I liked the best)

I LOVED the trees! This picture was taken right before I found the station I choose to watch the rest of the wedding on. This channel was not high-definition but…

This one was!!! The difference was incredible!

Pokey kitty decided she wanted to be apart of things too.

Next to join us was my one year old daughter, Jenny!

She loved all the pomp and circumstance!

Daddy took a little nap while the people made their way down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, however, he woke up when Jenny started yelling “WahWah! WahWah!” (Papa! Papa!).

After successfully waking him up, she got down from my lap and proceeded over to Papa’s.

Finally, my 4-year-old son, Gabriel, woke up and joined the party!!!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was in awe of the amount of people who flocked to the front gates of Buckingham Palace!This is a picture of their second kiss! (My camera clicked too soon for the first one!)

All in all, it was a spectacular morning and worth getting up at 3:00 am!

ps: I am well on my way to having the same amount, if not more, royal memorabilia than my dear mother…her Diana doll needs a Catherine doll for a friend!