Me vs. the Snake…

So as I am carrying Jenny into the garage with me so that I can grab a drink from the fridge, I look down and see that, in front of the fridge, there is something that should not be there. A rather large and very alive snake (any snake longer than my foot is large to me) is laying there. I scream (I am a girl after all) and then I back up and go back inside the house. I had to decide quickly about whether I should leave the snake and wait till my Daddy came home from work to take care of it or if I should take care of it myself…DUH! Leave it for Daddy! Just kidding! That would have given the snake enough time to hide somewhere in the garage and hurt either my kids or my pets! Plus, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight if I left it there and it disappear. I needed it dead.

I put my jeans and steel toed shoes on and grabbed my hammer, went out front and got the long dandelion picker. I raised the garage door to find Edwin the cat watching the snake rather calmly. She was amused by the snake, I think. She was waiting for it to move so she could pounce on it and play with it until she finally killed it. She does it for sport. I had to do it out of necessity!

I went up behind the snake and slowly brought the dandelion picker to hover over its neck. The snake barely moved. I could see that it was just starting to shed its skin. With one swift motion I stabbed the snakes neck…yeah…it didn’t die…didn’t come close…but it got really pissed, really fast.

I had it pinned and I was hurting it but I knew that if I let up at all that the snake would be free. The dandelion picker would have worked if the snake had been on dirt but unfortunately for me and, especially, for the snake, we were on the very smooth concrete floor of the garage. I couldn’t get to my hammer either because, being the rookie that I am, I had placed it well out of reach. 

There was nothing else to do but drag the dandelion digger across the concrete with the snake trapped under it. The snake did not like this one bit and kept trying to free itself. They are strong! Yuck! Gives me the creeps thinking about it! Anyway, half way down the driveway, I cut into its neck and I start to leave a trail of blood. Poor snake! I really didn’t want it to suffer! I finally get it to the dirt and push the dandelion picker down onto the snakes neck…

Did you know that things DON’T stop moving even though they are dead. It was most unpleasant!

So, there you have it! 

I won the first round!  


Very random…

some day I will be able to remember what I am going to write about when I actually sit down at the computer to write about it. Oh well. My brain is a jumbled mess. Class starts on Thursday morning at the bright and early time of 8:00am which means I have to be up between 5:30 and 6 am in order to have enough time to get ready and then drive there. Lots of coffee will be consumed I assure you.

I am really hoping that my backpack arrives in the mail today or tomorrow.

I think I will take Gabriel shopping tomorrow for his backpack for preschool. I am betting that he will get a Cars 2 backpack.

For his 5th birthday party, he wants a Superhero party. He wants all of his preschool friends to come to his house dressed up as superheros (or heroines).

Ok, I know this is choppy but I just can’t get my brain to stop and focus. Must have had too much caffeine.

I am going to attempt to clean up the room a little…emphasis on the “little.”

New outfit…

Had a great birthday, yesterday! The Little Mermaid was fantastic!!! I even bought a new outfit for the occasion. Those of you who know me well know that I despise shopping and will avoid it at all costs. However, I had an urge to buy something new for my 30th birthday!


Thanks to all for the Birthday Wishes!!!


29 to 30…

30 years ago today, at 4:09 am, I came into this world, not kicking and screaming but wide-eyed and curious. Doctor had to smack me to make me cry because I just wanted to look around at this world I had entered. Not much has changed in the way of my curiosity. I am still curious about the world and all it has to offer. I love to travel and see the different places God, and sometimes man, has created.

This last year in my 20’s has been the most eventful year in all my years of living. 11 days after my 29th birthday, I got some news that would start the course of drastically changing my kids and my living situation, my marriage status and my future overall. 

In the middle of September, Gabriel, Jenny and myself moved into my old bedroom in my parents house. We were able to comfortably fit all 3 of our beds into the room and we made it our own little space.

This is the room when we first moved in but we eventually put all kinds of stuff on the walls.

I panicked a lot in September and October. I was stressed. I was scared. I lost 15 lbs due to the stress of not knowing what I was going to do. The only jobs I had ever had were working at a movie theater,  working in the photo lab at Wal-Mart when it processed film (it’s all digital now), and I was a Sales Lead at Bath and Body Works. I thought about going back to Bath and Body Works but the work involved a lot of sale talk that I am not really good at. Don’t get me wrong. I liked working there but I couldn’t see myself making a career out of it.

Finally I decided to narrow down the  list of things that I would need my job/career to fulfill. Here is the list:

  • I wanted to work with my hands. ( I get bored very quickly if I am not actively involved.)
  • I wanted to be able to do something that  wouldn’t go away anytime soon.
  • I wanted to be able to create things.

For Gabriel’s 4th birthday, I made him a cake.

I did an ok job of it and for a couple of weeks I toyed with the idea of becoming a professional cake decorator. It matched my job fulfillment list so I looked into taking classes and such. A couple of weeks later, after much debate with myself, I decided that cake decorating as a career was not for me. I would never be able to handle the stress of having someones day ruined because I made their cake wrong or dropped it (lets face it, I am my father’s child). So I was back at square one but not for long. I got on the internet and typed in “jobs that you do with your hands.” There are a surprising amount of jobs that you do with your hands! I saw “welding.” I thought to myself, “There is no way you can do welding. That is a man’s job.” However, I began to debate with myself in favor of it. (Sometime my brain starts acting on its own in spite of my efforts to stop it.) So, for curiosity’s sake, I got onto Cowley’s website (I had already decided to go to Cowley. It was logical cause I already had several credit hours there.) to see if they offered any welding courses. Well not only did they offer welding courses but they had a degree program in Welding Technology. So it was settled, well, at least for me. I was going to be a welder.

Its crazy I know. I had never welded anything in my life before. The thought had never EVER crossed my mind before. However, I enrolled for the Spring 2011 semester to start working towards an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology at Cowley County Community College.

That’s right! My welding helmet is pink!

I am going to be the best, yet, most girly welder ever!

In December, I cut my hair short. I had lost 15 more lbs (again due to stress and stuff) and I needed a new haircut that would compliment my thinning face.

 It was very uplifting to have a new look!

At the end of December, I was no longer a Sadie.                      

January was the start of the Spring semester and I took two classes. Ethics and Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Taking these courses and, passing them (got an A in both classes), finished up my General Education requirements for my welding degree. (Some of the courses I had previously taken several years ago were able to go towards my welding degree.) 

I finished my classes in May and then, on May 22, I went on a trip that would be life changing. I went to Tuscaloosa, Al to help clean up the devastation that was left behind from a F5 tornado that rampaged the area on April 27th. I was in awe of what I saw. I have lived in “Tornado Ally” all my life. I had become immune to the warnings because of the frequency that we have them yet have had no actual tornadoes that hit near our house. I had seen pictures of destruction but it didn’t hold a candle to what it is like standing on a pile of rubble that was once a house in which someone lived. Peoples belongings scattered out on the lawn. A lot of times, the items didn’t belong to the owners of the properties we were working on. 

The best part about that trip was the relationships I made with the people I went with and with whom I met from around the country.  I went with 9 other people and I will forever hold them in my heart.

This is Audra and myself. We were nicknamed “the mermaids.”

 I used a chainsaw!!!

5 days after I got back from Alabama, I started summer school. I took two online courses, Technical Mathmatics and Industrial Materials. Had I known how much of a struggle it was going to be keeping up with these two, time consuming courses I would have chosen a different time to take them!!! At the same time I was trying to make it through these courses, I moved out into the country and my sister had a baby! Those were the major things but there were MANY little things that happened as well this summer! I ended up with an “A” in Industrial Materials and I DID pass Technical Mathmatics…math and I do not get along.

Sometime in the first week of August, I cut my hair even shorter!

I love this haircut and, yes, I am wearing clothes you just can’t see them!

So that brings us up to now…and I have turned 30. Not only that but I start my actual welding classes in 8 days.

Oh! And I get to go to Music Theater tonight and watch “The Little Mermaid!” Its one of my most favorite Disney movies!

Scary storms last night…

Last night, around 3:30 am, I was awoken by thunder and lightning and torrential rains pouring down on my house. After 5 minutes of trying to ignore it and failing miserably, I got up and went into the livingroom. It was like a strobe light was going off, there was so much lightning! It was quite scary, especially when lightning struck near or on the house and stuff popped! After about 15 minutes of intense moments, the storm moved away from overhead and I could go back to sleep. It was my second storm out here and I am not fond of them.

This picture is from the night of my first storm out at the Pond House.