Rest in peace little mouse…

When I sat down on the couch this morning, I was ready to relax and watch some television before the kids woke up. I ended up having to locate the remote controls and while doing so, discovered a glue trap in the middle of the living room. This glue trap, which was not originally located in the middle of the living room, had a tail sticking out the back of it. A mouse tail. A mouse tail attached to a very much alive mouse.

I don’t know how long this mouse had been stuck in this trap. I did know that the poor thing had been terrorized by the cats for however long it had been in there due to the fact that the trap was in the middle of the living room…

I felt sick. I knew what had to be done the moment I discovered this poor little mouse and I was not thrilled. Snakes are one thing. Little mice with cute faces are another.  I will spare you the details of his death since thinking about it makes me feel ill.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little tribute to this little mouse who was so brave.

Dear Little Mouse,

I pray that mouse heaven is wonderful and that there are many fields to scurry in. Please forgive me for what I had to do. You were a very brave little mouse.

Rest in Peace.


One thought on “Rest in peace little mouse…

  1. Vivian says:

    Oh the joys of country living! You always amaze me. I am sure I would have kicked it outside. I surely would not have picked it up.

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