The Joy of Nutella…

Who likes Nutella?  I love it and grab a big spoonful out of the jar whenever I have a craving for hazelnut…(which is pretty much every time I see a jar of Nutella)! However, I am not the only one in this house that does that. The massive jar of Nutella that I bought a week or so ago is almost gone due to the gigantic spoonfuls that my mother and myself tend to sneak out of the jar. We have now even given up the pretenses of hiding it and the jar currently sits on the kitchen cabinet. We can’t help it! It’s that good.


“Julie and Julia”

Whenever I sit down to watch the movie “Julie and Julia,” it never fails that I get a hankering to cook. The only time I have ever watched the movie without pausing it to go cook something was when I watched it in the movie theater for the first time. As I was watching it this morning, I got a craving for the bread that Julie makes in a skillet. So I paused the movie, got out the bread and toasted it for a bit to dry it out so that it wouldn’ t soak up all the butter in the pan. Yeah…I ended up using too much butter anyway…all we had in the fridge were sticks of salted butter. Julie and Julia both used unsalted. Oh well, I cut the very salty, buttery bread up into bits and they are going to make excellent croutons when they dry out! Thanks’ Mom!

Former anniversary…

This day marks Jeff’s and my former anniversary. One can’t help going through memories stored up in one’s mind for day’s like this. It was a good day that day. It is a good day today too, cause even though we are no longer married, Jeff and I are still friends and are able to be there for our two precious children, our families, and for each other.