My little garden in my closet…


I am growing snap peas, jalapeno peppers, onions, sweet peppers, oregano, and lavender in my closet. When they are little plants I will transplant them in the garden outside.


Look at what the wind blew in…

One very windy evening this past week…I heard a commotion in the garage. I could hear the outside cat, Edwin, meowing, hissing, and attacking something in the garage. I rushed to the door to see what she was fighting, which could have been any number of things such as a raccoon, a skunk, an armadillo, etc. Well, much was my surprise when I saw a little cat running back out of the garage! I made sure that Edwin was ok, which she was. (yes, Edwin is a female cat…Gabriel named her) Then, I went out with some food and water and called for the kitty.

As I walked closer to the shed, I could hear a faint kitty meow. I crouched down and out came this little black and white cat no more than six months old. She ran right to me and just meowed and meowed. She was dirty and was covered in urine but her coat was shiny and healthy looking. She was scared and starving. She ate and ate and ate. I put a towel in a cardboard box and placed it in the shed next to some more food and water and left her there. It was late and I needed to go to bed.

I got up for school the next morning and was getting ready to leave but decided to go see if kitty was still there and too refill her food and water if need be. I walked into the shed and there she was all curled up in a different box (no towel) on my dad’s tool bench. She must have felt safer up there. I put the towel from the previous box into the box that she had taken up residence in. I knew that since she had stayed the night that she would most likely never leave and this has become truth because she is still here. She loves me and the kids and is a very friendly kitty. She comes out with us if we are outside but mostly she stays in the shed. She and Edwin have had a few tiffs but that is to be expected. Gabriel named the new kitty Whiskers and Whiskers she will be. (Black and White is what my dad calls her…he was not happy with me cause this makes cat number 5…but Whiskers will bring him around…I have seen him pet her when he thought no one else was around)

Cooper’s Chicks-Shall-Lay…

And so begins the adventure of creating our own chicken coop…

Today, my father and I began to tackle the project of converting an existing outhouse into a chicken coop that will be called Cooper’s Chicks-Shall-Lay. 

This outhouse apparently doubled as a storm shelter because when we opened it to inspect it we found that it was completely made of yellow cinderblock…including the toilet and the floor was concrete.

We had a great piece of wood that we measured and cut to fit on top of the opening so that none of our chickens would take a five or six-foot dive into the pooper! Before I could put it on there though, I had to pry off the toilet seat, which I did and proceeded to discover a dead snake, about 5 foot long, in the bottom of the pooper. Bleh!

I screwed the wood into place and it is ready for the nesting boxes to be placed on top.

Oh…and while I was busy doing this…my dad made 3, 2 1/2 feet deep holes in the ground with the drill attached to his tractor that he managed to fix. He made the holes for fence posts and was quite proud of himself.

 We will be getting our baby chicks soon. Probably in a couple of weeks!