Missing some eyelashes today…

Ever had your eyelashes ripped out of your eyelid by a chicken?

This morning, I did the morning chores of feeding the cats, dogs, chickens, and keets. After I got done, (takes about 20 mins) I decided to grab my camera and take pictures of the animals and their crazy antics. While I was taking pictures of the kittens and playing with them, my very jealous chicken, Josephine, jumped up onto my shoulders. She does this every morning, but if I am sitting in a chair, she comes over, looks at me inquisitively, and waits for me to pat my legs to let her know its OK to get up on my lap. She will lay down on my legs, nuzzle my arm and go to sleep.

Anyway, this morning, she was on my shoulders and squawking at the kittens and other chickens. I turned my camera to take a picture of her sitting there and, right after I took the picture, I glanced up at her and next thing I know I am having to hold my eye closed and praying to God that my loving chicken has not just blinded me!

This is actually the second time this has happened but this one was much worse. It was my own stupidity cause I know that she will peck at my eye if I glance at her but I momentarily forgot. She sees movement and goes for it thinking it is a bug or something.

Anyway, after I was brave enough to take my hand off my eye, I was happy to see that I was not blind and that my eyeball was intact.  I did realize, however, that she had gotten hold of my eyelid and ripped out some of my eyelashes.

All this happened with Josephine still on my back. She has claws that can rip through my skin if I am not careful so I had to wait till I had use of both my hands before attempting to get her off. When I could, I lifted my arms over my head and picked her up off my back/shoulders, and brought her around and let her down.

I still love her and she still loves me. She will still be allowed on my back and in my lap but hopefully, I will remember NOT to glance at her when her beak is within strike distance!!!


One thought on “Missing some eyelashes today…

  1. Tristyn says:

    That picture is great!

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