30 to 31…

The first year of my 30’s has passed quickly! This is a VERY brief summary of the past year.

This was taken a day or two after my 30th birthday.

I started welding courses 8 days later. I was scared but I went in there with me head held high and came through with flying colors!

In order for me to get to school on time, I had to leave the house at 7 am and, as a result, I got to see the sunrise almost every morning!

This was one of the first sunrises i saw as i traveled to school.

I was so not prepared for how COLD I would get while I was welding, once the temperatures dropped! Too combat freezing, I started wearing long underwear! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It kept me from concentrating on how cold I was and was then able to get back to the manipulation of the weld pool!  Once the temps drop down this fall, I will be wearing it once again!

This is my dirty face after a couple of hours at school. Its minor but you get the idea.

In December, we went on what would end up being our last trip to Prairie Pines to cut down our Christmas Tree. Reason it ended up being our last? Found out the hard way that both Gabriel and Jenny are allergic to the mold on evergreens. Jenny got a bad case of croup and Gabriel got pneumonia! We took down our tree, put it outside and decorated it for the birds. (Gabriel was also diagnosed with asthma)

The last Christmas Tree outing.

In late December, I started working, part-time, in a machine shop, after school. I learned a lot in the 5 months that I worked there! I had to put in my two weeks cause of some scheduling issues on my end. It was a very valuable experience! Thanks Dennis and Nate!

In March, we added 10 chickens (ended up being 8 hens and 2 roosters…oops), and a stray cat.

End of May, we added 4 kittens.  (The stray cat (whiskers) had them.)

End of June, 16 baby guinea fowl (keets) arrived in the mail. 3 died within a few days so 13 became the new number.

A couple of days ago, the two roosters met their demise. They attacked my mother one to many times.

All that taken into consideration, along with my parents, my two children, and myself, we have two dogs (ankle bitters), 9 cats (3 inside, six outside), 8 hens, 13 guineas living here.

Most likely, next year I will be able to list some goats and bunnies as well!

So now I am 31 and I start classes this coming thursday! Next year I will be writing that I am a college graduate! Wow!

I haven’t changed much except that my complexion is darker due to my hours working out in the sun.


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