Dates of significance…

and so it goes.

You know those days that become “dates” on your calender that have no real significance to the world, but to your own personal life, they mark the day that your life was changed forever?

The dates can mark any significant change, whether it was a good change or a bad change.

Your first day of work at your new job.

The day when you became “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Perhaps the day you were fired.

Maybe its the day you were in an accident.

The day you found out you were pregnant.

One of those dates for me is today, August 28th, but I am not going to come right out and say what the day signifies. Let’s just say it is not a happy day to remember.

However, it got me thinking about some of my other dates that I have. I will list a few though I may not give an explanation to each of them. I am not going to include dates that are obvious such as birthdays and anniversaries. Plus these are totally out of order!

Feb. 6 – the day I started working at a movie theater. It was my first real job and I made friendships there that continue on to this day.

May 14 and 27

July 21; July 22;

August 21 and 28.

Nov. 22 – the day I found out I was going to be a mother.

Dec. 10 – the day I miscarried.

Dec. 25 – the day I got engaged

Oct. 20

June 23 – the day my children and I moved to the country.

and so the list goes on and on.

Its a special list to me but your eyes are probably glazing over cause these dates mean nothing to you.

However, you do know what I am talking about. You probably have your own list tucked away in your mind. Oh, and that’s even if you don’t remember the actual date. Some of mine have been bunched up into whole months and even a year or two.

And so I invite you to go through your mental file cabinet and remember those dates that have significance to you.

and I don’t mean your status on facebook! I have yet to experience the status change from “single” to “in a relationship.” All my relationships were before the online web took over the announcing of relationships.


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