Cats, Dogs, and Electricians…

Between the electricians walking in and out of my house and making a great amount of noise (they are wiring the new bedrooms) and the potential of having a cat massacre (Edwin, the outside cat, has gained entry via the open doors by the electricians and will probably attack the 3 inside cats), with the added bonus of the dogs barking every time they hear footsteps , I have had to give up on taking a nap on the couch. Jenny, my 2-year-old, is passed out on the couch and is continuing to sleep through all the drilling, dog barking, and cat lurking. I would like to know her secret.

and since writing the above, I have diffused the threat of fur flying. Edwin decided she (yes, Edwin is a girl cat. My son named her) had enough of the pampered inside life and asked me to help her find her way back to the wide open spaces and fresh air. Which i did. Gave me an excuse to talk to the cute electricians! ; )


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