the guineas…

In my previous post I wrote that I had written a story about our guinea fowl and that it got lost in cyberspace.

Well, seeing as how I now don’t have time to rewrite it cause it took me quite a long time writing and adding the pictures, I am going to have to write a condensed version. I mainly wanted to post the picture below so my mother could stop worrying about her precious guineas.

The guinea fowl and the chickens are now together and have been for a couple of hours. They seem to be doing ok. The chickens took no time at all to make themselves at home and taking dirt baths in the guineas dirt bath area.

I went ahead and opened up the fence between the two coops in order to get the guineas used to being with the chickens before I open the door in the chicken coop that leads the open yard where the chickens free range.

The guineas have a spacious coop/run but they had begun to attack their own. I had already had to separate one from the rest because they were going to end up killing him. Well today, I saw the guineas gang up on yet another one of their own and so something had to be done. So far so good.

It’s too bad my previous post disappeared…it was quite humorous. Probably for the best though.


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