the guineas…

In my previous post I wrote that I had written a story about our guinea fowl and that it got lost in cyberspace.

Well, seeing as how I now don’t have time to rewrite it cause it took me quite a long time writing and adding the pictures, I am going to have to write a condensed version. I mainly wanted to post the picture below so my mother could stop worrying about her precious guineas.

The guinea fowl and the chickens are now together and have been for a couple of hours. They seem to be doing ok. The chickens took no time at all to make themselves at home and taking dirt baths in the guineas dirt bath area.

I went ahead and opened up the fence between the two coops in order to get the guineas used to being with the chickens before I open the door in the chicken coop that leads the open yard where the chickens free range.

The guineas have a spacious coop/run but they had begun to attack their own. I had already had to separate one from the rest because they were going to end up killing him. Well today, I saw the guineas gang up on yet another one of their own and so something had to be done. So far so good.

It’s too bad my previous post disappeared…it was quite humorous. Probably for the best though.


Cats, Dogs, and Electricians…

Between the electricians walking in and out of my house and making a great amount of noise (they are wiring the new bedrooms) and the potential of having a cat massacre (Edwin, the outside cat, has gained entry via the open doors by the electricians and will probably attack the 3 inside cats), with the added bonus of the dogs barking every time they hear footsteps , I have had to give up on taking a nap on the couch. Jenny, my 2-year-old, is passed out on the couch and is continuing to sleep through all the drilling, dog barking, and cat lurking. I would like to know her secret.

and since writing the above, I have diffused the threat of fur flying. Edwin decided she (yes, Edwin is a girl cat. My son named her) had enough of the pampered inside life and asked me to help her find her way back to the wide open spaces and fresh air. Which i did. Gave me an excuse to talk to the cute electricians! ; )

Dates of significance…

and so it goes.

You know those days that become “dates” on your calender that have no real significance to the world, but to your own personal life, they mark the day that your life was changed forever?

The dates can mark any significant change, whether it was a good change or a bad change.

Your first day of work at your new job.

The day when you became “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Perhaps the day you were fired.

Maybe its the day you were in an accident.

The day you found out you were pregnant.

One of those dates for me is today, August 28th, but I am not going to come right out and say what the day signifies. Let’s just say it is not a happy day to remember.

However, it got me thinking about some of my other dates that I have. I will list a few though I may not give an explanation to each of them. I am not going to include dates that are obvious such as birthdays and anniversaries. Plus these are totally out of order!

Feb. 6 – the day I started working at a movie theater. It was my first real job and I made friendships there that continue on to this day.

May 14 and 27

July 21; July 22;

August 21 and 28.

Nov. 22 – the day I found out I was going to be a mother.

Dec. 10 – the day I miscarried.

Dec. 25 – the day I got engaged

Oct. 20

June 23 – the day my children and I moved to the country.

and so the list goes on and on.

Its a special list to me but your eyes are probably glazing over cause these dates mean nothing to you.

However, you do know what I am talking about. You probably have your own list tucked away in your mind. Oh, and that’s even if you don’t remember the actual date. Some of mine have been bunched up into whole months and even a year or two.

And so I invite you to go through your mental file cabinet and remember those dates that have significance to you.

and I don’t mean your status on facebook! I have yet to experience the status change from “single” to “in a relationship.” All my relationships were before the online web took over the announcing of relationships.


In June of 1996, between their freshman and sophomore years in high school, a group of girls managed to convince their parents to let them go live out in the country, at one of the girl’s grandparent’s “Pond House”, for a full week.  It was one of those times in life that one will remember all her days.

Now granted, if you get a group of teenage girls together for any sort of amount of time, there is bound to be some drama. And let me tell you, there was drama.

However, their friendships survived and they became friends for life.

16 years passed by and in that time the seven girls went their separate ways but mostly stayed in touch with each other.

Some went to college, all got married, all had children, and some got divorced.

In May of 2012, it was decided that they should all go back to the place where so many memories were made. The Pond House had new owners by then but that didn’t matter because the new owners were the parents of one of the girls and that girl was  living there. Highly convenient isn’t it?

And so they went.  They took their children and a few brave husbands.

It was the first time in 13 years that all seven girls had been together in one place and that fact made the reunion all the more special.

June 1996

August 2012

30 to 31…

The first year of my 30’s has passed quickly! This is a VERY brief summary of the past year.

This was taken a day or two after my 30th birthday.

I started welding courses 8 days later. I was scared but I went in there with me head held high and came through with flying colors!

In order for me to get to school on time, I had to leave the house at 7 am and, as a result, I got to see the sunrise almost every morning!

This was one of the first sunrises i saw as i traveled to school.

I was so not prepared for how COLD I would get while I was welding, once the temperatures dropped! Too combat freezing, I started wearing long underwear! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It kept me from concentrating on how cold I was and was then able to get back to the manipulation of the weld pool!  Once the temps drop down this fall, I will be wearing it once again!

This is my dirty face after a couple of hours at school. Its minor but you get the idea.

In December, we went on what would end up being our last trip to Prairie Pines to cut down our Christmas Tree. Reason it ended up being our last? Found out the hard way that both Gabriel and Jenny are allergic to the mold on evergreens. Jenny got a bad case of croup and Gabriel got pneumonia! We took down our tree, put it outside and decorated it for the birds. (Gabriel was also diagnosed with asthma)

The last Christmas Tree outing.

In late December, I started working, part-time, in a machine shop, after school. I learned a lot in the 5 months that I worked there! I had to put in my two weeks cause of some scheduling issues on my end. It was a very valuable experience! Thanks Dennis and Nate!

In March, we added 10 chickens (ended up being 8 hens and 2 roosters…oops), and a stray cat.

End of May, we added 4 kittens.  (The stray cat (whiskers) had them.)

End of June, 16 baby guinea fowl (keets) arrived in the mail. 3 died within a few days so 13 became the new number.

A couple of days ago, the two roosters met their demise. They attacked my mother one to many times.

All that taken into consideration, along with my parents, my two children, and myself, we have two dogs (ankle bitters), 9 cats (3 inside, six outside), 8 hens, 13 guineas living here.

Most likely, next year I will be able to list some goats and bunnies as well!

So now I am 31 and I start classes this coming thursday! Next year I will be writing that I am a college graduate! Wow!

I haven’t changed much except that my complexion is darker due to my hours working out in the sun.

Missing some eyelashes today…

Ever had your eyelashes ripped out of your eyelid by a chicken?

This morning, I did the morning chores of feeding the cats, dogs, chickens, and keets. After I got done, (takes about 20 mins) I decided to grab my camera and take pictures of the animals and their crazy antics. While I was taking pictures of the kittens and playing with them, my very jealous chicken, Josephine, jumped up onto my shoulders. She does this every morning, but if I am sitting in a chair, she comes over, looks at me inquisitively, and waits for me to pat my legs to let her know its OK to get up on my lap. She will lay down on my legs, nuzzle my arm and go to sleep.

Anyway, this morning, she was on my shoulders and squawking at the kittens and other chickens. I turned my camera to take a picture of her sitting there and, right after I took the picture, I glanced up at her and next thing I know I am having to hold my eye closed and praying to God that my loving chicken has not just blinded me!

This is actually the second time this has happened but this one was much worse. It was my own stupidity cause I know that she will peck at my eye if I glance at her but I momentarily forgot. She sees movement and goes for it thinking it is a bug or something.

Anyway, after I was brave enough to take my hand off my eye, I was happy to see that I was not blind and that my eyeball was intact.  I did realize, however, that she had gotten hold of my eyelid and ripped out some of my eyelashes.

All this happened with Josephine still on my back. She has claws that can rip through my skin if I am not careful so I had to wait till I had use of both my hands before attempting to get her off. When I could, I lifted my arms over my head and picked her up off my back/shoulders, and brought her around and let her down.

I still love her and she still loves me. She will still be allowed on my back and in my lap but hopefully, I will remember NOT to glance at her when her beak is within strike distance!!!