I just dated myself…

This is the short conversation I had with my son…

Me to him: “stop asking. You sound like a broken record.”

Him: “A what?”

That was the extent of the conversation because I realized that the term “sound like a broken record,” has become obsolete and I have gotten older than I had cared to realize.

I was born and grew up with records and cassette tapes. We had ONE family phone that hung on the wall in the kitchen. It had like a 15 foot cord on it so you could walk all around the kitchen and into the living room. I think you could even get to the front door.

Then there were cds. The clarity of the music was incredible. (but I still have some of my cassette tapes to this day)

Then, there were iPods. I was one of those people who were sceptical about them. I have one but I prefer my cds. Yes I know that dates me right there.

oh well. I am old and I embrace that fact. I will be able to tell my children’s children that I was around for the invention of cds, dvds, iPod, laptop computers, flat screen tv (which i also had a hard time with)  blu ray, ipads, iPhones. oh and that I used to play Nintendo with a tiny, rectangle controller that dug into the palm of my hands for hours while i played! OH and that there was no such thing as DVR! You had to watch it on live tv all the time…unless you were one of those fortunate people who had a vcr.  (and even then it was a toss-up as to whether or not you could get it to record right…or keeping somebody from recording over it!)  

Ok now I am just rambling…and I have REALLY dated myself because I just wrote on this blog about how things were when I was  young…oops…

have a good evening…this old  fogie is going to bed (yes it is 8 o’clock…its just what old fogies do!)