Grammy is coming home…

The arrival of the Grammy after a week of being gone means my day will be filled with preperation for her arrival.

What do I mean py preperation?


Lots and lots of cleaning.

I am not a good keeper of a house. Never have been. You could actually label me as a slob. When I was a teenager, my room would get shin deep with thigh deep drifts of clothes, books, toys, and random stuff. It was mostly clothes though and what was worse is that they were mostly clean clothes that never made it to the drawers or closet. I would have a path from the door to the bed and one from the bed to the drawers.

Not much has changed. I still have paths but the depth level has gone down. Its only one layer with ankle deep drifts. Still mostly clothes though.

Concerning housekeeping, she is the complete opposite of me.

She gets stressed and anxious if things are not tidy. However, she has relaxed a bit due to having two of her grandchildren living in her house, but once the 3 bedrooms being built in the garage are finished, she is going to claim her house back and quarentine the mess to the kids and my “wing.”

The one thing that hasn’t (and will never) change is that she has to come home to a clean house. Whenever we all went on vacation, she would always spend the day before cleaning the house top to bottom. She could not relax on a vacation if she knows that the house is dirty.

Whenever she goes out of town without my dad or myself, we automatically know what is going to have to happen either the day before or the day of her arrival home. It will be a day of cleaning.

When she is not here for a time, the mess spreads from my room to the living room and the kitchen.

Before her return, I must beat the mess back into my room.

This happens in an order:

The kitchen table needs to be given back its normal function, which would be as a table for eating and not a catch-all table. This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a half hour. It just depends on how long she has been gone.

The dishwasher needs to be emptied, reloaded, started, and then, if there is time, emptied and reloaded again. Reason for two dishwashing cycles? It’s because I have created a mountain of dirty dishes that has spread itself across all the counter space. Its what happens when you don’t empty the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and just set all the dirty dishes in and around the sink until you run out of clean dishes to use.

Next comes reclaiming the livingroom. This area became a sick ward this go around because my son brought home sickness from school and gave it to his little sister and me. It has pillows, blankets, dvds and a few toys that need to be taken to their rightful place (our room).

Of course, I have to mention the laundry. Yesterday, I did 4 loads of laundry…all of which still needs to be folded/hanged and put away. I hate this chore and, to be honest, it will most likely not get done.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the vacuuming. Lots and lots of vacuuming.

(Bonus chore: Mopping)

Hopefully, all this will be done before the Grammy comes home. You do not want to know what happens if it is not done.

If she is returning to my dad and I both, Dad goes around all day, panicking and grouchy, trying to make sure everything is perfect for his wife’s return.

I don’t know how he acts when it is just him.

I tend to procrastinate (of course). Plus, if the children are here, it makes more since to wait and pick stuff up cause they will have destroyed everything that was accomplished within a few minutes.

Today, I have waited long enough and I must get to it.

(Bonus: Gabe has a cough/cold, Jenny has a 101 degree temp and runny nose, and I have been throwing up anything I put in my stomach. This will make it extra fun!)